The Stovner Tower is a view tower, and much more, including Norway's longest tower. It is an attraction for Norwegians, and for tourists from all over the world.

Universal design

Stovner Tower is for all!

Follow the trail to the top with a wheelchair, a walker or a stroller – or simply walking. For security reasons skateboards and bicycles are not allowed in the tower.

The longest tower

More than an observation tower

What is the Stovner Tower? A roller coaster? A stylized Pinchcliffe? Perhaps more important than what it is, what can it be used for?

Stovner Tower is an attraction, a monument, a view tower, an adventurous building, a meeting point, a romantic arena, a walking trail…


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Tower facts
  • Address: Karl Fossums vei 30
  • Finished and opened: 12. October 2017
  • Elevation: 215 m a.s.l. (top of tower)
  • Length: The walkway is 265 meters long
  • Price tag: 25 MNOK
  • Developer: Bymiljøetaten/Stovner bydel
  • Architect: LINK Landskap
  • Visitors: Many, many thousands
Get there

Karl Fossums vei 30
Stovner, Oslo, Norway

Nearest subway is Stovner (line 4 and 5 to Vestli), around 600 meters from the tower.

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Tower rules

We kindly ask you to respect the tower rules, on behalf of other users and the tower itself. You are not allowed to: